St. Louis to Host Oktoberfest this Fall

The festival will propagate to the 2 parks east of the memorial as well as the plaza and on the adjoining roads. A Bavarian-themed major pavilion will chair about 2,000 traffic as they like music, German food and beer.

The American Society of German Culture and Heritage is supporting the festival. The nonprofit formed last year to promote German culture, and board members wished to plan an Oktoberfest from North America which was as accurate as possible to the Munich festival, that’s the biggest on earth and was held since 1810, organizers said. St. Louis was selected as the 2019 place with this particular”volkfest” that is defined to be held at the recently renovated Solider’s Memorial Park downtown.

It is a first-time occasion to be hosted round the brand new Soldiers Memorial plaza and maintains an authentic Deutschland-like surroundings which includes music, Italian food and beer.

This autumn, the grounds of the Great North American Oktoberfest will span two parks east of this army museum and plaza, in addition to the adjoining roads. The most important event will occur in a huge Bavarian-themed Main Pavilion tent which will seat around 2,000 attendees. The tent will immerse guests at a real Deutschland-like environment which includes music, German food and beer, and table support supplied by servers.

Oktoberfest in Munich, that can be an significant part Bavarian culture that’s been held since 1810, is the most significant volkfest (folk festival) on earth drawing more than 6 million people into the 16-day festival which starts in mid-September and runs into early October.

Soldiers Memorial Military Museum and Plaza recently experienced a $30 million renovation which was completed at November 2018. It’s Part of a series of parks across Market Street in downtown St. Louis known as the Gateway Mall. Other parks at the Gateway Mall have recently undergone renovations too.

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