Shepherd Depot

The Michigan Small Scale Live Steamers, as a club, was first established 2002. Its members work in all kinds of industries but we share one common interest, running small scale live steam engines every chance we get.

Our club is based in Southeastern Michigan and we get together once or more a month at member’s homes or at previously scheduled events. Most of our members have been

Starting with 2003, our club would like to make an effort to share our hobby and expose it to as may new people as we can. To achieve this goal we are creating portable tracks that can be taken to different events and assembled in as little as an hour. These tracks are not portable layouts in that they do not have buildings, trees, etc. They are elevated oval tables that have one or more loops of “G” gauge track for running the engines. May of the members have Garage Railways at home where landscaping, buildings,miniature people and running Live Steam Engines. We are also happy to discuss the aspect of the hobby with people as well.

So if you have any events that you think you would like us to participate in, we would be more than happy to discuss the opportunity. Boy Scout events, Church Fundraiser’s, Local City events, Corporate Picnics, the possibilities are endless.

Drop us an e-mail so we can get to steaming’ right away.

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