On April 28, 29, and 30, 2006, the people of the Central Michigan community of Shepherd will be celebrating their 48th Annual Shepherd Maple Syrup Festival, and we invite you to come and celebrate with us.

Never did we dream back in 1958 when we made about 100 gallons of maple syrup and served a few hundred meals at our first one-day festival that we would grow to processing 12,000 meals at a three-day festival. If it had not been for our many visitors from all locations in Michigan and neighboring states, we could not have accomplished all of this.

The original idea for having the festival was to earn enough money to finance an eight-week summer recreation program for children in our school district. As we have grown, we have been able to fund a ten-week summer program. We were also able to build and operate a community swimming pool and purchase land to develop a community park. We continue to work on our park project.

ALL WORK ON THE SYRUP, CANDY, AND ALL OTHER AREAS OF THE FESTIVAL IS VOLUNTEER and almost everyone participates! Children work with adults carrying sap buckets during the sap run in late February and March. Many retirees are our most faithful sausage makers. Would you believe that we make two-and-one-half tons of sausage one week before the festival? Then we all work together again during festival weekend.

As usual there will be the famous and delicious PANCAKE, MAPLE SYRUP, AND SAUSAGE MEALS served at the Shepherd High School Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon. All of the planned activities add up to a most enjoyable weekend. Witness hometown hospitality at its best and join us in the “Sweetest Little Town Anywhere Around” on April 23, 24, and 25.

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49th Shepherd Maple Syrup Festival – Parade Marshals

Arnie and Merrie first helped in maple syrup production when the Shepherd Sugar Bush workers tapped a maple woods in their neighborhood west of Shepherd. Arnie was soon trained by the dedicated Sugar Bush crew in all aspects of syrup production from helping to tap the trees to canning the syrup. He is proud of the improvements the Sugar Bush Corporation has made over the past fifteen years; first building a storage addition on to the existing Sugar Bush and then the most recent construction, housing the new evaporator in a new Sugar Bush building. On Festival Weekend, you are most likely to find him at the Sugar Bush explaining the history and the process of syrup making in Shepherd to visitors to the village. He also serves as the treasurer of the Michigan Maple Syrup Association.

Serving pancakes in the High School cafeteria first brought Merrie to Festival activities when the couple moved to the Shepherd area in the ‘70s. She found it a good way to make friends in a new community and also enjoyed serving and chatting with the many out-of-town visitors. Frances Adams, Pat Rhynard, Bessie Musser, and Vivian Jerome were long-time kitchen organizers who drafted apprentices to learn their jobs and
Merrie became more involved in the cafeteria service. She can usually be found somewhere in the cafeteria on Festival week-end, doing anything from replenishing supplies to dumping wastebaskets!

Arnie and Merrie, both math teachers (Arnie is recently retired from CMU, Merrie is at Shepherd High School), are the parents of Laurie, a Department of Defense employee who lives in Annapolis, Maryland, and Carey, a recent graduate of Central Michigan University. Both children enjoyed summer recreation in Shepherd and the Hammels feel it is important that this opportunity continues to be available to today’s youth and are
glad to be part of the community effort to make it so.

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2007 Queens Pageant March 18th

The queens pageant was heald on Sunday, March 18th at 2:00 p.m. at the Shepherd High School


2007 Queen

Queen Alissa Codwell

2007 Queen and court

Front Row L to R
1st Runner Up – Melissa Guthrie ( Also… Miss Congeniality), Queen – Alissa Codwell, Court Melani Schultz, Autumn Hackett, Jordan DeLong
Back Row L to R

Contestants: Brittany Davis, Marie Dow, Samantha Helm, Holly Starks

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Shepherd Maple Syrup Festival

Shepherd Maple Syrup Festival April 27 Thru April 29 2007

Maple Syrup Pagent will have a Disney Theme and is scheduled on March 18th

2007 Festival Theme is in Conjuction With the Susquecenntinal August 16th – 18th

2nd Annual Shepherd Maple Syrup Festival 5k Run/Walk

2007 Queens Pageant March 18th

Contacts For 2007

Schedule for 2007 Festival

Map of Events / Shepherd Village

Information Corner For 2007 Festival

Parade Marshals

The Sugar Bush Story

Shepherd Depot

2007 Camper Registration

2007 Parade Application

The work has started to make 2007 the most successful festival yet!
Proceeds provide our kids the recreation and summer programs.
Over 500 kids participated in summer ball last year.

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Thursday, April 27, 2007 Saturday, April 29, 2007 (continued)
8 RV trailer parking (9:00 am to 8:00 pm) $5.00 6 Sugar Bush Open House / Syrup Sales (9 -5 pm)
5 Pony Rides 3 Area Historical Museum (9 – 5 pm)
15 Amusement Rides (New Location) 13 Little Red School House Museum (9 – 5 pm)
16 Old Fashioned Plow Day (conditions permitting)
Friday, April 28, 2007 12 Indoor Crafts & Commerical Booths (9 – 7 pm)
8 RV trailer parking (9:00 am to 8:00 pm) 11 Outdoor Crafts & Commercial Booths (9 – 7 pm)
12 Pancake and Sausage Meals (3-7 p.m.) 12 Information Desk, High School (9 – 7 pm)
  Adults $6; Children 5-12 $3, Less than 5 Free 15 Amusement Rides (9 am thru evening)
12 Maple Syrup & Candy Sales 12 Pancake Eating Contest (10L00 am)
15 Antique Tractor Display (10-7 p.m.) 1 – 16 Rotarey Club People Mover (10 – 7 pm)
14 Farm Stock & Tractor Pull on cement (11 a.m.) 2 Antique Tractor Desplay (10 – 7 pm)
Weigh-in (10 a.m.) – weather pe 1 – 15 Joel Tacey, Variety Entertains
2 Amusement Rides (1-10 p.m.) 1 Train Rides (10:30 am, Noon, 1:30 pm) – $15 – $10 Tickets for sale at Depot or call 866-608-0746
12 Information Desk-High School (3- 14 /tractir Oykk (11 an) – Weigh – in (8 – 10:45 am)5000/6000/7500# (6000 largest tire size 1838 – no radial)
12 Indoor Crafts & Comercial Booths (3-8 p.m.) 12 Heart of Michigan Clowns
11 Outdoor Crafts & Comercial Booths (3-8 p.m.) 8 Bingo (Noon – 11 pm)
13 Little Red School House Museum (4-7 p.m.) 12 Central Michigan Area Concert Band (7:00 pm) (Premier of new composition dedicated to Mr. Claud Lemmer
1 Train Depot Museum (4-8 p.m.) 10 Senior Ciutizen Dance (7 – 10 pm) Joyce Leonard, Michigan’s Yodeling Sweetheart and the Tumleweeds
10 Arts & Crafts Juried Show (4-8 p.m.) Sunday, April 30, 2007
8 Bingo (6-11 p.m.) 12 Pancake & Sausage Meals (8 – 2 pm) Adults $6.00; Children 5 – 12 $3.00, Less than 5 Free
1 – 9 Parade of Emergency Vehicles (Dusk) 12 Maple Syrup & Candy Sales
1 Train Depot Museum
Saturday, April 29, 2007 5 Pony Rides
12 Pancake and Sausage Meals (8 – 7 pm) Adults $6; Children 5-12 $3, Less than 5 Free 2 Chainsaw Carver All-Day Show (8 – 2:30 pm)
12 5K Run (8:00 am) 12 Information Desk-High School (9-
10 Arts & Crafts Juried Show (9 – 4 pm) 6 Sugar Bush Open/Syrup Sales (9-2 p.m.)
12 Maple Syrup & Candy Sales 12 Indoor Crafts/Comm’l Booths (9-2:30 p.m.)
1 Train Depot Museum 11 Outdoor Crafts/Comm’l Booths (9-2:30 p.m.)
4 Information Center (Coe Townshi 15 Antique Tractor Display (9-4 p.m.)
5-7 Classic Car Display (9-3 p.m.) 13 Little Red School House Museum (10 – 2 pm)
12 Model Club Display & Contest 1 – 15 Rotary Club People Mover (10 – 2 pm)
  Registration 9 a.m./Contest (9-3 p.m.) 15 Amusement Rides (20 am intill after the parade)
10 Arts & Crafts Juried Show (9-4 p.m.) 2 Childres’s Pedal Tractor Pull (11:00 am)
6 Sugar Bush Open House/Syrup Sales (9-5 p.m.) 14 Garden Tractor Pull (11 am) Weigh-in (9 – 10 am) 4,000 RPM Open Class Farm Stock
3 Area Historical Museum (9-5 p.m.) 1 – 15 Joel Tacey, Variety Entertainer
13 Little Red School House Museum (9-5 p.m.) 1 – 9 Maple Syrup Parade (2:30 pm) – Wright Ave.

Parade Marshals: Arnie & Marie Hammel)

1 Train Depot Museum
5 Pony Rides
5 – 7 Classic Car Desplay (9 – 3 pm)
2 Chainsaw Carver Shows (9,11,1,3,6 pm)
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